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Article: Hot Product - Reviews of pepax lance cartridges


Hot Product - Reviews of pepax lance cartridges

We cooperate with many tattoo artists, and pepax cartridges have also received reviews from artists around the world. We have selected some of the artists’ professional reviews of our ink cartridges, hoping to help you understand our products.

"I'm using lance cartridges, and I love it" - Katerina Savchenko

"It was a great experience!- Tazaki Ryoji

"I tested the pepax so much times. I think they re great.- Tommaso Beccari

"I have used them both. The cartridges are really good! The ink-flow is really nice and the needles are very sharp. Also the cartridge is very nice in your fingers! -Julian van Laar

"I've been using the Pepax Lance cartridges for a short while and I’m very impressed. The build quality is very good and the standard of the needles is also very good. The stability is really impressive too. There are no reasons for me to think the cartridges need any improvements and I’ve used them every day in my set up since I bought them.- Craig James

"I like the liners a lot actually prolly will order more- Matthew Moyer

"Among the several companies that sent me their needles, a new brand caught my attention, capable of producing quite fine and rigid liners to draw clean lines, very suitable for realism and “fine line”, likewise the blending and filling needles are quite soft to leave a compact line.- ALEX el Rubiote

"I love Pepax carts! They are super sharp and the needles don’t bounce around inside the shell at all, which is perfect for precision work. I make a lot of line work and single line tattoos, these carts hit in a way that makes pulling crispy lines effortless. I now use Pepax for all my needle configurations.- Hollie Ritchie

"Super smooth, consistent and sharp! Will definitely get more!- Nathan Rodriguez

"Great needles, no wobble. Sharp the whole session and holds ink well!! I love the hollow liners for lines and bug pin mags for shading.- Paul Comanescu 

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