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Article: 2024 pepax giveaways


2024 pepax giveaways

Pepax March Madness | Winners

Thank you for participating in the PEPAX March Madness Giveaway! Congratulations to 3 lucky winners.


🥇First Prize: @brunoanti

He won a PEPAX H2 Leve wireless machine and 10 boxes of PEPAX Lance ink cartridges. Congratulations to him!

He is not only a tattoo artist but also a graffiti enthusiast and you can check out the great work at his ins. Through his work, you can see his constant exploration in tattoo art, with a variety of styles, both color and black and grey.


🥈Second Prize: @Juan_daink

He won a PEPAX H2 Leve pen machine and 5 boxes of PEPAX Lance  cartridges. Congratulations to him!

He is a tattoo artist from Colombia who has been in the tattoo field for four years and has been constantly exploring tattoo techniques. He keeps drilling in shading and realism, feel free to head over to his ins to see more of his work.



He won 5 boxes of PEPAX Lance ink cartridges. Congratulations to him!

You can see many different styles in his work, including Japanese and neo-traditional. He is very dry in his shading and line work.

He says "I love doing Japanese tattoos. All their legends and characters. You can always make really bright, big objects in there that people will see a kilometer away from you and then yell at you from another street that you have a super cool tattoo."

We hope that our pepax wireless machine and cartridges will help artists have a more convenient tattooing experience. For those artists who didn't win, stay tuned for the raffle in the coming months!

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