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Article: Hot Product - Reviews of pepax H2 wireless machine


Hot Product - Reviews of pepax H2 wireless machine

Pepax feels honored to receive professional testimonials from so many talented artists. So here I can’t wait to show you some of the artist’s professional reviews, hoping to help you understand our new pepex leve H2 wireless tattoo machine.

“I have used them both. The cartridges are really good! The inkflow is really nice and the needles are very sharp. Also the cartridge is very nice in your fingers! Also the machine is nice! I like the switch of the S to L, it’s also really quiet, and almost no vibration”  -@julianvlaar

“It has 2 batteries lasting 10 hours, different beating functions, in addition to being super light and powerful, I use it with the 4.2 stroke, but it also has the 3.5 option!A machine that really surprised me!” -@rafatattooer

 BLOG H2 review-rafatattooer image1 BLOG H2 review-rafatattooer image2

“I was looking forward to try the PEPAX MACHINE and I can tell you that I’m amazed , it’s noiseless, powerful, I use it in the voltage 10 and I didn’t felt any discomfort or vibration, battery last good 6hours and works very precisely.

I’ve been use this cartridge for a while and I’m so happy with it. I love the membrana, it’s strong and firm and the cartridge doesn’t let any ink up into the machine.” -@andrefilatattoo

BLOG H2 review-andrefilatattoo image1  BLOG H2 review-andrefilatattoo image2

“I recommend the needles, they are of great quality and pressure, as is the mild H2 machine, excellent design and comfort.” 

“This machine is perfect, and I’m sure everyone can find something for themselves in this little box” -@immortalacetattoos

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