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Regarding the PEPAX LANCE NEEDLE CARTRIDGES, many tattoo artists have already used it and gave their own answers.

If you're still hesitant to try, take a look at what the artists have to say!


"Its great precision and quality means that each of my jobs ends with the best result."

---@jesusdiazc95 based in Chile


"Yes really its very good quality, they're amazing, I love them,the membrane gives me the feeling that it is a little more elastic than other brands and that makes them softer than others that I have used before, but they are great!"

---@brianflorestattoo based in Spain


“Couldn’t recommend more!! Those are definitely best needles for my work!!”

---@evil.chef based in UK 

"They’ve got some seriously sharp and fine needles that’ll take your art to a whole new level. 🌟✨

With these cartridges, you’ll have the precision and control you need to make your designs pop like never before! 🎨💪 Say goodbye to worries and hello to smooth, flawless results! 🌈"

---@pionobedrist based in Russia

"These are my favorite cartridges for lining and shading in my works!"

---@abbeymanson based in New Zealand


"I’ve used so far out of a variety I’ve tried. The quality is consistent and I’ve never had one jam, break, or pop off (like with other brands).
I predominantly use a tight 3, 9 and 14 round shader in my practice" 

---@fox.kit based in Canada

“I really love PEPAX LANCE cartridges , they are long lasting and have a great application!”

---@rogersantostattoo based in Brazil

"During these months all my fine line tattoos and dotworks were made with 0803 and 01rl of PEPAX✨ More than happy with the results! The thread generates very little damage and also endures perfect long sessions"

---@diegowetzig based in Chile

"Their needles r really awesome. The housing of the needle is very sturdy n firm. The needles are strong af. No caps. Slayyyyy. Trust, best needles ever. Won’t regrets."

---@bentattoo.ben based in Singapore


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