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New PEPAX Leve Wireless Pen Machine is coming...

PEPAX Leve H2 Wireless Pen Machine is coming...

PEPAX Leve H2 wireless machine with two batteries, different from the most of wireless tattoo machines. The newest colorful smart LED screen allows tattoos to be more convenient and effective to customize the tattoos mode they need. it can quickly adjust the Liner/Shader mode, the voltage and Hertz required by the tattoo artist. PEPAX Leve H2 also equipped with a strong brushless motor, can help the artists to finish the various tattoo areas. And the battery can rotate 360 degrees, which is convenient for the tattooist to better check the smart screen, so as to adjust the mode in a timely manner. PEPAX Leve H2 battery is 2000 mAh, with a long battery life, so that the creation of the tattoo artist will not be broken. From the simple adjustment voltage machine to the various comfortable and convenient functions of our H2 wireless pen, we are breaking the limit. We hope to help tattoo artists to complete each tattoo art more conveniently and effectively. 

PEPAX Leve H2 - (Break the limit) For professional tattoo artists

 *Colorful smart LED screen helps artists customize the tattoos mode.

*Operating modes:L/S mode  (Liner=L mode/Shader=S mode)

*360-positioning of the battery

*Material:Space Aluminum

*Power by Brushless motor, more powerful

*Minimum 10 hours running time with 4 hours charging time (100%,2Amp 5Volt Adaptor)

*Voltage:4-13V, 0.1V voltage increase or decrease adjustment

*Hertz:0-200Hz Don't over 200Hz please, you can customize your tattoo mode(volts and Hz)

*Recommended Volts and Hz: 5V-73Hz|6V-87Hz|7V-102Hz|8V-116Hz|9V-131Hz|10V-145Hz|11V-160Hz|12V-175Hz

*Battery Capacity: 2000mAh, minimum running time 10 hours

*Available Stroke: 3.5mm and 4.2mm

*Weight: 225G (=7.940Z) with battery | 176G(=6.210Z) RCA machine

*Parameter :H 133.6mm*W 34mm

*Jump Start Volt:9V, 0.2 Seconds

*Newly Designed Ergonomic Grip: 34 mm

*Packing Inside:One PEPAX Leve H2 wireless machine | Two 2000 mAh batteries | One RCA Adaptor | One USB-C charging cable

*Warranty Period : 12 Months from the purchasing date

(Please Charging with the original USB-C cable inside)

PEPAX Leve H2 Wireless Pen Machine

PEPAX Leve H2 Wireless Pen Machine

Stay tuned for more amazing details!

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