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Article: Pepax cartridge highlights video collection

Pepax cartridge highlights video collection

Everything comes from love——PEPAX has been making tattoo equipment since 2008, because of our love for tattoos, we have met many interesting and professional tattoo artists, who are full of passion for tattoos, and continue to create a variety of meaningful tattoos. So we hope to be able to always accompany the tattoo artist, in this long tattoo work to give tattoo artists energy, also means "Giving tattoos energy".

After contacting a lot of artists, we also received a lot of videos from the artists, in which you can see a more realistic evaluation of the artists after using PEPAX. And through the videos, you can visualize the expressive power of PEPAX lance cartridges.

Here, we have selected a part of the artist's sharing, then follow our steps to see what the artist said!

1.The first is Alex Konti from Poland , an artist with over 10 years of tattooing experience.The cartridges have a built-in safety film that prevents ink from seeping into the tattoo machine. The needle is sharp and reduces secondary skin lesions. The needle is stable and low noise during use.The anti-slip strips on both sides of the PEPAX cartridge housing are designed not only to be very convenient and labor-saving when replacing tattoo needles, but also to help the tattoo artist better control the tattoo cartridge.

2.The second is Florin from Romania, who started his tattooing business in 2012 and now has 12 years of experience. Today he will be tattooing with PEPAX cartridges, which are made of medical PC material, which is safer than PVC material. Precise slot design fits 99% of tattoo machines.


3.The third is the artist Daniel Castro from Portugal, from his video, you may see that he produces very silky lines. PEPAX lance cartridge RL is very suitable for hook line use.

4.The fourth one is Russell Van Schaick, an artist from USA, who is very good at creating amazing anime and Disney style tattoos. Read on, you will be blown away by his perfect work. You can see that he has a very steady outline with clear and smooth lines during the tattooing process. The ink flows smoothly from the cartridge, allowing you to draw long lines with ease. Also the coloring of large areas is easy.

The 5.fifth is GUIZO, an artist from Portugal, who is also a collaborating artist with pepax. He has been creating tattoos in the field of tattoo art for many years and has a lot of experience. Very good at using black and white colors, if you also like that you absolutely can not miss his work.

Next up for you is the alphabet tattoo, a classic tattoo series by GUIZO. He is an absolute expert in this field!

6.The sixth is chee, an artist from Belarus who is very good at graphic tattooing. He is using pepax 3rl cartridges for portrait processing.

That's all we have in this post, hope this can provide you with some reference. If you are also interested in trying pepax cartridges, you can choose our cartridge experience packs, which contain a variety of popular models to fulfill all your needs in one purchase.

For more artist highlight videos you can check out the official PEPAX INS.

Lastly, thank you to all of you who are able to read this, and thank you for supporting PEPAX!

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