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Today we are excited to introduce you to a few amazing tattoo artists from the PEPAX Pro Team. 

@johnny_domus_mesquita based in Portugal

Johnny Domus Mesquita is from Portugal. He started tattooing in 2001 and has 21 years of tattoo experience.
Johnny became known for his realistic black, gray or colored tattoos.

Thanks to his hard work, talent, humility and love for his art, his bright and clean new tradition soon became known around the world.


@emil.artist based in Poland

Emil Moreno has been tattooing since 2013.

Currently He is working in a realistic style, mainly using grey tones in his work and adding color accents to create rhythm and dynamics for his work. When creating a design, the most important thing is the conceptual idea. He loves combining modern and classic cultures in his work.

Emil is convinced that a tattoo should be a reminder of something important not only for its wearer.


@alcazalex based in Lasi, Romania

Alcaz Alex is a professional tattoo artist from Iasi, Romania.

He has been tattooing for 10 years now and his style is a cross between abstract and avangarde color mixed with a little bit of realism and new school. As you can see in his work, graffiti had a huge influence on his tattoo style.

"I tend to push on evolving as the time and trens is art passes so that my style will be up to date no matter what," says Alcaz.


@nagara_senpai_tattoo_ based in Lisbon, Portugal

Nagara, born in Lisbon, Portugal, started his career as a tattoo artist in August 2016.

Since 2018, he dedicated himselft exclusively to anime tattooing, and has now become one of the biggest names in anime tattoos.

Despite tattooing in Black & Grey, Nagara is known for his solid coloring and dynamic lines. He likes to work large-scale busts, so that he has enough space to sculpt every single line and perfect the facial expression. In this way, he makes it so that his piece embodies the character's true spirit.

You can find Nagara Senpai on his studio @black_tiger_tattoo_shop in Portugal.

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